Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care

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Pregnancy is one of the most important events in the life of every woman and Ayurved has suggested a very good protocol for that. It has given a detailed description of nutrition, life style and thought process to be followed during pregnancy. According to Ayurved, all these directly affect the mother as well as the child.

Ayurved also advises avoiding alcohol consumption, smoking, etc., to avoid fetal abnormalities. Ayurved suggests that a wholesome diet during the period of pregnancy is a must, since this ultimately results in fetal growth, maternal health and post delivery lactation.

During the first three months, fetal growth organs are only in a stage of formation. Thus, ayurved suggests a wholesome diet and moderate household work for the mother during this period. In the fourth month, the formation of tissues starts, thus ayurved suggests a diet to boost this tissue formation. In the fifth month, blood and muscles are formed. In sixth month, fatty tissue is formed and around the seventh month fetal growth is practically complete, after which only refining work remains. For this reason Ayurveda suggests a diet rich in ghee, milk, proteins, green leafy vegetables, fruits etc. By the seventh month fetal organs will acquire strength. Hence, this is the month when medicated ghee is recommended.

Modern science says that a pregnant lady should take a high protein diet in addition to vitamins and minerals. The above mentioned ayurvedic dietary plan matches this modern dietary thought. After the completion of the seventh month, herbs that are mild diuretics and urinary antiseptics such as Gokshuru and Sariva, are advocated. Basil (Tulsi tea) in small quantities is advised; it is also anti-spasmodic.

Consume a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, also whole grains and whole soy foods. Apple, Mango and Peach Chutneys help balance cravings. For morning sickness have warm ginger tea.

A few other activities like going out of the house without a justifiable reason, talking to unknown people, looking at things which create fear in the mind and strenuous physical activities, etc should be avoided. Sandalwood powder is good to keep the mind fresh and happy and are recommended for external use. Listen to relaxing music and do quiet, deep yogic breathing.

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