Normal Delivery – Ayurvedic Tips

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Pregnancy is state when you should have a happy, healthy, and exciting period in your life. Reducing the post delivery complications is the main benefit of normal delivery. It also minimize the strain to the mother as well as to the child.

Normal delivery is through vagina of mother’s body. In normal delivery children are born between the 36th and 39th week of pregnancy. According to Ayurveda different food habits and treatments are required every month for a normal delivery.

Tips that can be followed for a normal delivery are as follows:

  • In first month sipping cold milk and maintaining a light diet is advisable.
  • In second and third month the intake of milk medicated with herbs like Vidari, Shatavari, Yasthimadhu, Brahmi is good.
  • From the fourth to the seventh month, herbs which give strength to the uterine muscles and nourishment to the embryo like Ashwagandha, Kraunch Beej and Guduchi is good.
  • You should start walking as soon as you feel the first sign of  labor.
  • From seven months onwards you can take the milk with garlic by boiling the garlic paste in milk.
  • From nine months onwards for normal delivery take the drink made from anise seed by boiling roasted anise seed in water.
  • Relax your body from all kinds of stress and strains, this can be done by taking warm water bath before going to bed.
  • Make a paste of honey and black cumin powder and spread it over your stomach.

The above tips must be done after due consultation with your doctor.

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